Distress beacons ensure the safety of water sports enthusiasts

Distress beacons ensure the safety of water sports enthusiasts

Designed for boating and pleasure enthusiasts, distress beacons can be used for any type of activity. Despite their proximity to the coast, the practice of certain water sports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, paddle, kayaking, etc. is not without risks. Indeed, material damage or injury may require a call for help. Practitioners, with the lightness of their boats, do not have the usual means of communication such as VHF, that is why it is essential to have a personal distress beacon in the pocket of their lifejacket. A distress situation can occur at any time, especially when you are isolated and far from any assistance in a wilderness environment. An efficient and rapid emergency response is thus facilitated by the use of distress beacons.

Maritime distress beacons: what are the advantages?

The use of a personal distress beacon, regardless of the water activity you are engaged in, once activated, allows you to inform the emergency services of the danger you are in. It is the ultimate solution when all other means of communication have been tried. It is common for a mobile phone to run out of battery power or for the area you are browsing to be covered by the mobile network. The distance from any assistance combined with adverse weather conditions can quickly put you in a dangerous situation, preventing you from reporting your presence and the distress you are in.

Every year, thousands of incidents occur at sea around the world, encouraging boaters and sportsmen to become aware that there is no such thing as a safe water activity. Preventive equipment with a distress beacon and then, when the time is right, using it can be essential in certain circumstances and save your life. The search for people in distress remains a real challenge, which is why the international rescue community encourages the practice of responsible water sports and the use of personal distress beacons (type AIS-MOB).

A simple equipment to ensure your personal safety: the AIS-MOB beacons

For water sports enthusiasts using light boats (kayak, kitesurf, windsurf, paddle,...), the use of an AIS-MOB (Man Overboard) emergency beacon is recommended, increasing your chances of being rescued quickly in case of a problem. AIS-MOB distress beacons transmit, receive, and transfer the distress signal to coast stations and surrounding vessels equipped with AIS receivers. These beacons also allow practitioners to accurately communicate their position using the integrated GPS. The search time in the event of distress at sea is then considerably reduced.

Purchasing a "Man Overboard" emergency beacon is therefore an undeniable asset for your own safety. On the other hand, the use of an AIS-MOB distress beacon will give you and your loved ones a feeling of serenity when carrying out your activities at sea.

The SIMY My-AIS beacon: a safety asset in the practice of your nautical activities

The My-AIS beacon is the smallest AIS-MOB beacon in the world. It is a beacon that you take with you as an essential security element offering geolocation services. It does not incur any costs other than the cost of purchasing the equipment and does not require any registration or subscription to any service whatsoever. The use of the My-AIS beacon is free throughout its lifetime, corresponding to the battery life (7 years). If you make good use (*) of your emergency beacon at sea, personal assistance will be free in most European countries.

The My-AIS beacon was designed to protect users but also to help rescue services in their missions. Thanks to AIS (**) technology, athletes and boaters can report and guide rescuers more quickly and accurately to the scene of the intervention.
The My-AIS beacon is very easy to use, it is activated automatically when the lifejacket is inflated, or manually by sliding the front cover down. The My-AIS beacon then transmits a distress signal and your GPS coordinates for 24 hours to the nearest coast stations and boats. The rescue centres can then organise themselves to rescue you as soon as possible. My-AIS has been developed for all water sports enthusiasts who want a demanding, easy-to-use, robust and waterproof communication beacon for their activities. More info on the My-AIS beacon here.

(*)My-AIS is only usable in case of real distress and danger. Any activation of the beacon outside an emergency situation may result in fines or legal proceedings against the user who has intentionally triggered a false alarm.

(**) AIS: Automatic Identification System for Vessels
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