SIMY®, the consumer brand of Syrlinks beacons

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Simy® is the trademark registered for all consumer safety products by Syrlinks. Simy has miniaturised, improved performance and generalised the use of emergency beacons, now used by professionals or enthusiasts. With Simy, the safety of people at sea or on land is made easy and accessible to all.

Syrlinks, based in Cesson-Sévigné, designs the most innovative technologies in the fields of personal safety and space communication. Syrlinks manufactures robust, miniature and high-performance products to customers all over the world.

Its products are currently deployed on several hundred satellites and used in a number of space missions, such as Rosetta and its little robot Philae, sent up to explore the Tchoury comet and boundaries of our Solar System.

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Syrlinks' space technology at the service of SIMY®'s emergency beacons

Drawing on its know-how by miniaturising and optimising emergency devices, Syrlinks managed to product the smallest satellite-based emergency beacon in the world for Breitling.

This Search & Rescue Cospas-Sarsat micro-beacon has now been integrated into a unique watch - a miniature masterpiece made possible thanks to ultra-compact and extra high-yield electronics.

The Breitling Emergency watch is currently used by a number of enthusiasts and adventurers, as well as amateur and professional pilots.

Source : Production France3, JT 19/20