Beacon function

Can I buy a battery from a provider and replace it myself ?

Never try to open the beacon up. In the event ofa malfunction or when the battery replacement date comes up, please contact the Customer Service department :

Can I see the location on my GPS of a crew member who fell overboard?

No, an AIS receiver needs to be fitted in your boat.

Do I need to take out a subscription to use My-AIS?

No. Once the beacon has been purchased, noadditional payments are required. No subscription is necessary to use My-AIS.

Does the beacon float ?

The beacon does not float.

Does the beacon work abroad ?

Yes, the beacon is fitted with the AIS technology, which is an international standard.

Does the beacon work through thick fog?

The beacon is never affected by bad weather conditions.

How do I know if the beacon is working?

You can test your beacon using the OFF/TEST self-test button. We also recommend that you read the user manual.

How long will my product be under warranty for?

Your My-AIS beacon is under a two-year warranty, valid from the date of purchase.

How often should I run a self-test?

The short test should not be run more than once a week to preserve battery life. The full test should not be run more than once a month.

What happens if I switch the beacon on by mistake? How do I switch it off?

At any time, you can cancel activation by holding the "T" button down for a long time.

What happens if the self-test does not work?

If you observe a malfunction in your beacon (namely during the self-test), please contact SIMY's Customer Service department ( Proof of purchase may be required.

What is a beacon's lifespan?

In normal conditions of use, a beacon's lifespan is 7 years.